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    Record your sailing trips with the app, and have it stored automatically in your own logbook online. You can choose to share your logbook with family and friends.
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Use our free app to record your sailing and even take pictures on the fly



Your tracks and images are stored in your personal online logook. Ready for you to experience it all, over and over again.



You can share your logbook with family and friends, so they can follow you, even if they are not KEEP SAILING users.

You can use KEEP SAILING for free, but with a premium membership you will get the best and fully functional experience. You will have 14 days of free Premium membership when you sign-up.

The price for Premium membership is just EUR 1,50 á month

Function Free Premium
Tracking with the appcheck_boxcheck_box
Take pictures with the appcheck_boxcheck_box
Loogbok with tracks and imagescheck_boxcheck_box
Map with your friends current positioncheck_boxcheck_box
Share your last track on Facebookcheck_boxcheck_box
Join challengescheck_boxcheck_box
Join tracking eventscheck_boxcheck_box
Share your sailing with others check_box
Create challenges check_box
Create events for multiple boats check_box
See your friends logbook check_box
Create tags to enrich your tracking check_box
Show seamarks in logbook check_box
Create trips over more days check_box
Unlimited number of widgets check_box
Access all widgets check_box
Import data from GPX check_box
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